Tribute by the Dadzie family


We joined Goodnews Assemblies of God church about five years ago.

We needed a church with good doctrines that will help us grow in the Lord and we recognized that Goodnews church was the church to give us just that.

Below are some of the individual experiences that me and my family has encountered.

Has seen a great improvement in her relationship with Christ. She reads the bible more this time and the bible discussions gives her a deeper meaning of the Bible and this makes it easier bearing the Fruit of the Spirit.

She didn’t know that she could make a song until she had the chance to use the memory verse to make songs.

She has been better with keeping up with Bible reading. She is now able to read the Bible from Genesis and now have a better understanding of the Bible. She is now getting more confident as she was very shy in speaking in public.

Says he can socialise with people much more and better. His involvement in the things done in the church makes him understand the Bible more and much better. He doesn’t want to miss church for anything.

He understands the bible much better now than before. He can see that he is growing in the Lord with the bible and is not shy to tell his friends about God.

Since I joined Goodnews, God has used the pastors to help me to set up my own business. The leadership is approachable and interested in the affairs of each family. I realised that my spiritual life, i.e. my relationship with God has improved.
I now understand the things of God better than I used to.

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