God always works with people and all Goodnews members have really played a big impact for this occasion to come off.  May the Lord bless you for your enormous effort.

The 10th anniversary and the ordination could not have become a success without the enormous support and help form all the Goodnews members who availed themselves when they were needed.  Additionally, another big blessing goes to the Church planning committee.

These brethren were:

  • 1. Brother Kwabena Opoku Berchie
  • 2. Sister Ivy Antwiwaa Abrefah
  • 3. Brother Joseph Nwinyi
  • 4. Sister Mercy Chimsi
  • 5. Brother Francis Omono Asamoah
  • 6. Brother Mark Donkor
  • 7. Sister Helena Omono Asamoah
  • 8. Brother Bernard Makumator
  • 9. Sister Adlaide Gyabaa
  • 10. Brother Enoch Frimpong
  • 11. Brother David Dadzie
  • 12. Brother Benjamin Osei Antwi

May God richly bless you for your tireless meetings to put things together. Most visiting preachers testifies that Goodnews is a vibrant Church when they come.  The truth is the dedicated youth who are committed to the things of God.  They do not just dance to liberate themselves and shake off their pain on Sundays, but they are always there on every Friday evening seriously praying for the Church.  Brother Enoch may God richly bless you for being a role model as a youth leader who is so down to earth.  Your presence on most Fridays with the youth praying, even on Morning Prayer line on your way to work Monday to Friday.  This is a Spiritual journey and without prayer the Church cannot move on as Jesus admonished us in Mark 9:29. To all the Goodnews AOG youth, understand that you are doing this for God and you will all be rewarded accordingly here and here after, Luke 18:28-30.



Additionally, we also want to express our sincere gratitude to Mr Kwabena Opoku Berchie and his family for their positive impact and immense support to the Church.  They moved into Manchester, because we as Pastors specifically requested them to “come over to Macedonia to help us”.  The Lord has used especially Bro Berchie through his excellent Bible teachings which has had a very good effect on the Church.  In fact, every member of the family has continued to play a very significant role in Goodnews.  To them we say, “May the Lord richly bless you”.

In conclusion, there have been others that God has used as cornerstones to establish Goodnews Church.  Everyone in the Church had enjoyed their labour without recognizing them.  They were not given chance to choose, it was a call and they just had to obey as Isaac obeyed his father in Genesis 22.  Today, we sing songs on screens, watch You Tube, able to have organized activities on time, quick advert and posters accurately.  These are the efforts of the preacher’s kids, who have been putting their faith into action through obedience, James 2:18-23.

They have learnt to sleep late and wake up very early all because of Goodness Church, sometimes we as parent can tell they are tired, but we had no choice than instruct them and they are always obedient.  May the Lord continue to strengthen Nana Kyere Donkor, Abena Konama Donkor, Kwadwo Antwi Donkor and Abena Yeboah Donkor so that you will endure to the end Matthew 24:13.  You did not have much cuddle as children or attention from us as parent because we were always busy attending to others.  Living you by yourselves all the time and coming to meet you asleep.  Sometimes you will tell us when we are leaving you “see you tomorrow” because you know that we never come early as is always the case.  Be assured that the promises of God will be fulfilled in your life here on earth and hereafter, Mark 10:29-30.  Thank you and God bless you all.

 Looking back there is no regret!

 We cannot conclude by not recognizing those whose contributions and support are not visible, 1 Samuel 16:7 says ‘man look at outward appearance, but The Lord looks at the heart’.  If we have not mentioned your name or recognise you, it does mean we are only human.

We pray The Lord who knows all shall bless you accordingly.


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