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I wasn’t born in Christian home so when I became born again in 1986, I made up my mind that the salvation that I gained will never be compromised.

So everywhere I go I make sure I seek BIBLE BELIEVING CHURCH. A Church built on the FOUNDATION and the SOLID TEACHING of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

We were living in Italy so in June 2013 we visited a sister in Manchester (UK). Every Tuesdays they have bible studies in her house so during our visit, they asked us to join one of their Tuesdays’ bible studies and we agreed. What we learnt during the bible studies was awesome. The discussion was on point and the understanding of the scriptures was great. Everyone could contribute and even the children and it was mind blowing.

On Sunday we went to the church and even though it was small church, you could feel the presence of God. The atmosphere was saturated with the presence of the Holy Spirit and the brotherly LOVE among the members is 
something else. The bible studies and the 
preaching were awesome.

So, when it was time for us to go back to Italy, the pastors and some members took our contact details (Phone numbers) and they were calling us almost every day. We were so amused of this GREAT LOVE.

When we finally decided to come and settle in Manchester my wife asked, “so when we go where do you want us to fellowship” and I said Goodnews Assemblies of God. I knew she asked because her background was Pentecost and that was where we were worshipping when we were in Italy.

Ever since we join the church, we have grown spiritually. We have grown to understand the scriptures more. The Sunday school classes, the monthly memory verses and the preaching’s have help us to seek God more and more. Our kids always love the atmosphere and any time we were busy and could not make it to church or bible studies, they won’t let 
us have peace. You could see that even the kids are not preparing to let the salvation at hand slips away.

There is always joying to be in the HOUSE of THE LORD and that HOUSE is a PLACE OF REFUGE, THE GOODNEWS ASSEMBLIES OF GOD. A place where salvation is not 
compromise. A place where you can receive sound teaching and knowledge of God. A place where you 
can experience brotherly LOVE.

God bless you ALL.

The Makumator Family

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