Tribute by Sister
Helena Omono Asamoah

Thank you, Pastors, I have become a living testimony and witness to the growth of Goodnews Assemblies of God church.

I joined the Church with my family on November 2011 at Hazel-bottom Road in Lower Crumpsall Manchester, where the Church worshipped previously.

This happened when we were desperate to find a place to worship. For God being so good, we came to know this lovely family, Pastor Geoffrey and Pastor Kathleen and their children. We became so touched and loved by the way they welcomed us to the Church.

Meanwhile, my husband’s heart was set on a lady Pastor who had come to preach about the genealogy of Jesus Christ at where we used to fellowship.

Of a truth, the journey from our place of residence to Hazel-Bottom Road was so far and not so easy to commute to Church. Yet, these lovely Pastors by the help of God took us to the Church every blessed time. We were few people by then, but God gradually increased the numbers of the Church. I became part of the intercessory prayer group with my husband. God has done so many wonders through our meetings as the Prayer Tower.

To God be the glory, many things that we prayed about during our meetings became testimonies:

1)  People were delivered by God, through our prayers, from unforeseen, circumstances which caused sleeplessness.

2)  Many people got their breakthroughs from immigration issues.

3)  Healing took place through our prayers for those who, at that time, were sick.

4)  The number of people who were coming to church started to increase.

5)  Home Bible Study groups have increased from 1 to 4.

6)  The youth had a prayer line and that has established them very much.

During our time here, our children became part of the music ministry, instrumentalists and youth group and they also started doing Daily Bible Reading (DBR) cover to cover from Genesis to Revelation.

We have seen so many changes in our Christian lives since we joined the church.


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