Tribute: Sister Ivy Antwiwaa Abrefa


My Journey in Goodnews Assemblies of God Church started in June 2012, judging from the proof I have (my first memory verse) when I had just come out of an unpleasant experience in my life and had made a decision to go back to God surrendering everything and every bit of my life to Him because I realised I was fighting a lost battle.

Beforehand, I had stopped attending church for almost a year and had never known that I should read the bible daily as a Christian.

I had some life challenges and sometimes felt everything went against me and as if the whole world was on my shoulders.

My Experiences:
After my first visit to the church, I was encouraged by Pastors that God still loves me no matter my circumstances and reminded me of God’s promises for those who diligently seek him.

I must state here that besides God, Pastors have been a huge source of inspiration and spiritual growth. After few attendances I realised that this might be the right place of worship for me and decided and prayed that God should give me the grace not to ‘turn back from following after him’.

The vision of the church in Luke 4:18, the various bible study and prayer meetings have impacted positively in my journey as a Christian.

The daily bible reading has helped me to acquire knowledge from the word of God and I am able to apply this in situations when I must resist the schemes of the devil by counteracting with the word.

I am not perfect but always striving to live according to the word of God, changing my mindset to live to please God.

The prayer meetings have helped me to learn how to pray more about every situation, knowing that it is the key by committing everything to the Lord in prayer. These experiences have made me strong in the faith.

Experiencing the goodness of God helped me to grow as a Christian and have always said that I am a living testimony and could write a testimony of my life. That is why I cannot stop worshipping, fellow-shipping and would always be at the prayer meetings.

I thank God for such an opportunity to be part of His Kingdom and may God bless Pastors (our shepherds), for leading us into righteousness until He comes.


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