Tribute by Yaw

Tribute by Yaw

It is very astonishing to 
realise that it has been 10 years already. It all began in the living room with Daddy, Mummy, the children and me.

Our aim was to bring people who did not know Christ to God. We did not want to build a church based on people leaving their churches to join us. We rather wanted to start from scratch. This made it extra difficult and onerous.

For a long while it was just the 7 of us meeting every Sunday morning at 11 am in the living room. This was difficult as we were very familiar with each other and had to put in extra effort to take what we were doing seriously. The only instruments we had then were some tambourines and our hands, but we could feel the presence of God during our praises and worship sessions.

Gradually we are slipped into our various ministries. Mummy and Daddy took care of the sermons whilst I, Nana Kyere, Maame Konama, Kwadwo Antwi and Maame Yeboah handled the praises and worship.

With time God sent us someone who could play the keyboard, so he started to teach the children how to play and this added some additional dimension to our worship. With time we started to go out to town to deliver leaflets and speak to people on Saturdays. After all this, it was still the 7 of us and no new 

God miraculously blessed us with a meeting place at Hazel bottom after searching for so long. That was the beginning of greater things 
to come. We moved our Sunday service to the Hazel bottom church and used the living room for our bible study meetings.

After almost a year of meetings, we finally got our first members of the church outside of the 7 core members. This was Sister Betty and her family. After a while we got a second family joined. This was Sister Nelly and her family. God then blessed us with a third family, Sister
Esther and her family. By this time God had blessed us with a projector and a drum set in addition to the key board. So, there was a lot of flavour to our praises and worship.

I assumed the role of the music leader as I could sing a bit. With all the children in the church we decided to form a church choir. We used to meet every Saturday to rehearse the songs for Sunday. Some of our choir meetings were sometimes chaotic due to the number of children but God always saw us through. With time we got a few more members. I remember Brother Ben and his wife.

With all this going on, God blessed me with a wife and I can say to the glory of God that I was the first person to receive marriage counselling from the church and God has truly blessed this union. My wife Abena joined us in 2010 and without any prior experience took to playing the church drums.

Sadly, these three families left one after the other when things seemed OK with them and soon, we were back to square
 one. But God wasn’t done yet! He kept bringing in people through no effort of 

I had to relocate to Edinburgh with work and one would have thought that it was going to affect the church adversely. God had other plans though! The Church has been growing from strength to strength and has culminated into what we all see and share today.

I can assure you that God is still not done yet.
To God be the Glory!

Tribute by The Tetteh family

Tribute by The Tetteh family

We joined Goodnews AG in 2014. Prior to that we had attended other churches but seemed to be lacking something. We did not have that inner satisfaction of being spiritually filled and there seemed to be a stagnation or slowing down of our spiritual growth.

T.T who is endowed with musical talent was yearning to use this talent by sharing and teaching the youth, was frustrated and felt he was not putting into good use this talent which he will one day account for. We had that guilty feeling of not serving or doing enough in the Lords vine yard.

Besides, we needed to have that sense of belonging to the body of Christ which we lacked. We as parents were worried about the spiritual foundation of our children. So, we set out to find a bible believing church that could offer us what we were lacking and to the glory of God,

Goodnews has been the place. We have found these and many more in Goodnews AG. It’s been a wonderful place to be and belong and we always look forward to meeting brethren to learn and share the word of God and get spiritually filled with the soul touching sermons of our pastors.

It’s been a pleasure and we love it.

Tribute by Mrs Charity James

Tribute by Mrs Charity James

I want to give God thanks for all that he has done in my life. I began coming to Goodnews AOG soon after the church began. In that time, I have seen God at work in my life.

My draw to Goodnews AOG is in many folds. First, Jesus is the full package of the full gospel of Jesus Christ that is preached.

Second, is the love and support from my pastors and I call my pastor’s my brother and sister. Why because of the love and support they have accorded to me from the very first time in I became a member of this church.

Third, in my time here I have experienced God’s love, faithfulness, answers to prayers and mercies in every aspect, to God be the glory.

Five, I feel really blessed to have my pastor’s whom I call my brother and my sister because I can call them with any issues and they are there to listen to me. I am always reassured of my pastor’s time, support and prayers whenever I have any problems and I need to pick up the phone and telephone. For which I am grateful.

I always recalled Pastor Geoffrey’s phrase “it is well my sister”. It is very reassuring and wholly overwhelmingly reassuring I must add for every support I am grateful and give all thanks to God.

For all that God has done for me I give him all the praises and honour.

Mrs. James

Tribute by Abena Yeboah Donkor

Tribute by Abena Yeboah Donkor

In 2006, I was one year old, and that was the same year I was told we first 
started the church, and there we were only six people attending. However, we didn’t have a church building then, but was doing it in our house, in the living room. These six people were my family.

The funny thing was that, when we were 
having the church service at home, we had to dress up as if we were going to church. So, I would always wear my best dresses. Because I was so young, I cannot recall most of the initial happenings in the

I remember when we first started; we were fellow-shipping for a year, before my cousin joined us in 2007. He was called Uncle Yaw Stone (Yaw Antwi Donkor). After that, nobody joined till 2008. So, we were basically serving God, at home, with 7 people, for two years.

I learned from this that I should never give up because God does things in his own time.

I also remember the very first time (in 2008) we got a church building at Hazel bottom Road, called St. Thomas with St. Mark, in Lower Crumpsall. The church was huge. I always wondered why we asked for such a big church, able to seat about 150 people, even though there were seven of us. But I needed to remember that God worked in mysterious ways and could fill up the room in a second.

2009 and 2010 came quickly for me because that was when lots of French families came to the church, such as Uncle Emmanuel’s family, Auntie Nelly’s family, and Auntie Esther’s family. We also met Christlove’s family as well. Seats were getting filled, as the 2009 and 10 years went by.

I also remember when it was my 4th birthday; I was in our living room with my family and a keyboard tutor called Uncle Sam, when I started singing hallelujah. Everyone was so stunned and shocked, as I was telling them to sing. Uncle Sam 
played the piano whilst everyone watched me. This was one of the times I would never forget.

2011 was another memorable year because that was when I met my forever friend Jocelyn Asamoah, and her family, as well as Uncle Dacosta, Auntie Adelaide, and Prince.

I remember that I and Jocelyn would always play house together. We didn’t have a church bus then, so all the children, out of my family, the Asamoah family, and Prince’s family had to squash into a nine seated car.

I remember on Saturdays, we didn’t use the church building, so we had to do rehearsal in my living room. It was funny because Janice was so shy at singing, so she would hide the lyrics sheet in front of her face, so that nobody could see her.

I also remember when we did the rehearsal; my mum would always lead us into breathing exercises.

At the end of the singing for the day, we would get one of our biggest pans in our kitchen, and
 my mum would make popcorn, drinks, biscuits and sometimes rice and chicken whilst we would all play and eat together.

Watch night services were the best because you would just sing and dance all night, and I remember I used to do a competition with Kwadwo Antwi, who would stay awake the longest.

I also remember when it was the end of the church services; all the kids would run around the church and play tag. One time I ran around the church with Jocelyn, and we found berries, so we would wash them and eat them.

2012 was when I met Uncle Joseph, Auntie Monica and Rosemary. They came on the women’s day, and so Auntie Monica got a certificate for being a woman. I always wondered how my dad knew that she was going to come to church on that Sunday, even though she was a new person.

2012 to 2013 watch night was the best because when we were dancing at night, the people living on the other side of the road who were Moslem family heard our music and asked if they could dance as well with us. We were so happy; we gladly welcomed them in, as they danced in the church.

I also remember in 2012, that was when we were able to use the church 
building to rehearse our songs that we would sing on Sunday. I learnt that I was a Pastor’s child, so I would be looked at by every move, no matter how young I was. I also learnt from this that I needed to behave because I was being watched.

2013 was a fantastic year once again because that was when I met the 
Makumator’s family, and Josephine and Godson. I remember when new people came; me and Kwadwo Antwi would 
always welcome them in and play with them at the end of church. So, on Godson’s first day, me and Kwadwo Antwi sat with him at the end of church and watched him play on Kwadwo’s phone.

I also remember when we would have a 
big feast after church, and we could only 
go  in the eating room. However, all the 
kids would run into the main room, and
 uncle Dacosta would shout at us, chasing us with sticks to come back.

2013 was also when we got a church bus. I remember at the end of church, me and Kwadwo Antwi would chase the church bus all the way down to the end of the road and run back.
 We also went on a whole church trip to knowsley Safari Park. That was great fun. We saw so many animals; which brought me a love for big cats and meerkats. We also did a career event for the church as well, which really inspired me to be what I wanted to do in the future.

We went to Audacious Church in 2014,
which was an amazing experience. We jumped up and down to the music and danced till we sweated. One thing I learnt from that conference was from Reggie Dabs, when he said, ‘your past is your history, and your future’s your destiny’.

The first time we went to Spree was in 2015. It was an excellent experience. We did rock climbing, bubble football, tug of war, a camp fire and a mini Olympics. It was so fun.

I remember when I was in the children’s service, and they were teaching us stories from the bible. If you got it right, then you would get a sweet from a big bucket. At the very end, the children’s leader threw the big bucket in the air, and sweets flew everywhere. 

I also remember when Abena Konama had a nose bleed as soon as we got there. I was in the toilet with her for hours, hungry. After this, we went to first aid with my mum and dad. We were there so late, that the lady 
gave me an ice lolly, a sandwich and a drink. 

In October 2015 was when we moved to Collyhurst, called Church of the Saviour. It was a lot smaller than the old church. However, it was fancier and my first thought were that it was like a hotel.

2016 was when all the kids did a massive musical, before I graduated to the youth. It was called sheep in heavenly peace. The drama, the dances, everything I loved it, and I’m really going to miss being part of the little Angels, and all its life experiences. I learnt so much that I have taken with me throughout my daily life.

We went to ramp in 2017. It was prodigious. There songs were amazing; their dances were impeccable, which inspired our youth to perform dances.

Our very first Youth Awakening Conference was in 2017. Lots of people came from different areas. We did three dances in town. I was so excited. It was just so fun, and I loved every moment of it. It was so good, that we did it again in 2018. This year was a fantabulous one. It was interactive. I learnt so much from watching facing the giants, like people look up to me, so I need to be wise about my actions.

As well as this, I also learnt that sometimes I am seen as a leader of my class, so what I do, they would follow, so I need to show a good example at all times and be positive about my actions.

Throughout my whole 12 years of church, I have learnt that in times of trouble, I should never give up and doubt God, because he can do anything.

This is what I have carried throughout my 12-year experience of church, and I would never forget this.

Tribute to Goodnews AOG Abena Konama Donkor

Tribute to Goodnews AOG Abena Konama Donkor

I am very much honoured to be able to say I was a part of those who founded Goodnews AOG.

The thought of starting a Church from scratch would be viewed by many as a highly audacious yet possible step. Despite this, we have been able to get through 10 years of its establishment and are still growing by the grace of God.

From doing praise and worship in our own living room we were soon given the opportunity to fellowship in an actual church setting. However, a few years passed and soon we were kicked out of the place, understandably devastated but hopeful to God that he would quite literally, open a new door for us. We’ve now been warmly welcomed into the Collyhurst community and to The Saviours church with the faith that God shall open another door where we shall all fellowship in our very own building.

Being a part of such a movement has taught me so much about the world we live in, my personal life, and even the future ahead.

From around the age of six, I and my older brother Nana Kyere began learning piano with a remarkable family friend we like to call Uncle Sam. He first taught us the basics of becoming a great pianist and helped me to even advance in this area, overriding the skills of my older brother for a very long period. I am so thankful for this experience and looking back I realized that I was at such an advantage with an opportunity that very few people get – especially at such an early stage in their life.

I do have to admit that doing praise and worship through our own family band using the small keyboard we had and some toy-like tambourines, I didn’t really know or fully understand what we were doing and for what reason. But as the years progressed, answers were being unfolded.

Moving into a large building was a very big turning point for the family and for the likes of the church because it meant that we could actually dress up and run around in the open space – which is what I thought at the time. This change did encourage me to express myself in what seemed like a freeing environment and to try and make sense of what I had been taught.

Moving forward the members began to slowly increase with people coming in with their problems and leaving after a short period of time. Although this seemed disheartening and distressing at the time, all along we had to trust that God knew exactly what he was doing.

Our all-night services, bible studies and general fellowship slowly faded from being primarily family oriented to including many outsiders who seemed there
to stay.

I remember the first time Andrew Drapper came to teach us about how to evangelise and the different strategies available for us to use in order to inform others about the love of Christ. Years later I realized that all these teachings were put in place to build me up as an individual and to help me understand who I am in Christ in order to tell others about him.

We had many events with the few members we had including church outings to Knowsley Safari Park, giving Clothing, food to the elderly across the street, Spree Camp, Ikids, evangelism training the Careers event and joining AOG Great Britain which all began in the old church at St Thomas with St Mark.

When the announcement came that due to our supposedly disruptive all night services, we’d have to relocate, fear and doubt began to grip me. Would this mean we’d have to revert back to home fellowship or are the few members we have going to leave – this really tested my faith.

As a church we decide to go on our knees praying, fasting and waiting on God, hoping that he would make a way. Low and behold, he did.

Being at Church of the Saviour has honestly been an amazing experience. It sincerely feels like we’ve been here our entire lives even though we’re only heading into our fourth year! Goodnews church has been through so many up and down roller-coasters. I wouldn’t have it any other way or else I know I wouldn’t have been able to experience so many different things which I needed to help me advance in my walk with Christ.

This journey with God has helped me grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding and I’m ever so grateful to him who has brought us this far.

10 years, 3650 days is a very long time and to process it is very much overwhelming. To know that some of our current little angles were not even born at the time, or that members have lived through death by the power of prayer, that others are resting in peace and that some very early members continue to remain with us till this day, just goes to show how great God is and how much he can do for those who love him.

My prayer for this church is that as we continue to grow in number and as individuals, leaving off to University, going on to find our life partners and beyond, that we shall forever remember our first love. That God shall continually remain in me, in you and in all of us and that we shall be the light in this world, passing on the mantle of Christ.

I believe that God has many amazing plans in store for Goodnews Church and that with him; we shall continually grow bigger and better every day.

There have been days of sorrow, days of joy and days of absolute confusion but through it all, I believe God had already planned the end from the beginning, knowing that the future is bright and that I’d be here today, giving thanks and celebrating 10 years of his faithfulness.

Happy 10 Years to Goodnews Assemblies of God Church!

Thank you – Abena Konama Donkor

Tribute by Nana Kyere Donkor

Tribute by Nana Kyere Donkor

Goodnews Assemblies of God 
has been around for over 10 years, what most people may not know is that before we got our building, we started the church at home.

It started with just the 7 of us. My parents, Siblings and my cousin we called him Uncle ‘Yaw Stone’ Yaw Antwi Donkor. I was less than 10 at the time; before we even had the name Goodnews AoG we were just a family, trying to serve God in our own small way.

I remember late one Saturday afternoon (or early evening) my mother decided that we need a name. “What shall we call our church?” Everyone had a different idea about what we should be called. I remember I wanted something cool like Church of Prayer & Warfare or something.

At first when she said Goodnews everybody was confused, “why GoodNews?” “It’s a boring name”

I remember specifically that I asked what’s the point in being called GoodNews when to me it seemed obvious that we are coming to bring goodnews to people. But the name stuck and Goodnews AoG was born.

Starting anything new is never easy, but the hardest part is starting. We faced many problems and awkward situations while we were on the come up.

We first started holding service at our house, which meant every Sunday waking up early and tidying to get ready for church. I was always confused as to why I had to get dressed even though we were having service at home. “Because one day there will be people here and we need to set a good impression” was always my father’s response. He was always talking about “one day people will join us” but that day didn’t come for almost a whole year and a half.

In that time, we were blessed to have help from Uncle Sam, the person who taught me how to play the piano, I’ll never forget the first 3 chords that I learned to play (C major, F major and G major). He tried teaching all 5 of us but eventually it was me and Maame Konama who showed much interest. She was even better than me at the start,

I remember at Hazel Bottom road she would play for praises and I would play for worship, and whenever I played for praises my dad and uncle would laugh and say I keep playing discord “wo bo discord saaa” was what they used to say.

Not only did we start with having service at home but also rehearsals and singing practise. I remember always competing with my sister to have the lead part in songs (back before my voice broke and my singing was beautiful).

One of the first people to join us was Auntie Nelly’s family (Auntie Nelly, Belgris and Ritchnel). At first Belgris and Ritchnel were both shy but 
my parents believed that
 everyone should be given the
opportunity to try something

They were right. Soon
 Belgris would lead praises and 
song ministration (such as Kirk Franklins song “Why we sing”); I remember there were even times when he would copy the way I move on the stage and even the way I held the microphone. 
I’ve come to realise that the church is my family and my family is the church. This is something that I have had to learn from the beginning. And that family has been on a journey – to put it mildly.

I remember when we started, we were told by numerous different people that the first 5 years are the hardest, but it seems like those five years still haven’t ended yet.

I personally learnt a lot of lessons along the way. People are like clouds, they come and go; but I thank God that He has never left us. Even though the journey has been a very long, hard and frustrating one (much like the children of Israel’s journey of 40 years through the desert). But there’s a reason for everything and I thank God that I have been on this journey. It’s been fun. It’s been wavy, and it’s been lit. It’s shaped my family and given me a family.

Even though we are celebrating 10 years from when we had a building, this is a celebration of much longer than 10 years.

This is the celebration of the lifetime of my family.


Tribute: Kwadwo

Tribute: Kwadwo

I remember in the year 2006 when I was 4 years old, we started church
 at home by ourselves. Please note that some of the information may not be very 
accurate as I am recalling what I can
remember from a very young age.

I remember that in our Bible Studies we didn’t have Bible Study books, so we started from the book of John. We used to sing praises with tambourines in the living room, along with Uncle Sam (our piano teacher who played the piano) and offering was also done here to raise money for the church building that we 
had always been praying for.

We were joined by our cousin Uncle Yaw Stone a year later who played a major role in the Little angels when we got the church building in 2008. He was the one who told each of us to say, “Our song is entitled” before we sang each song (which I am glad we have maintained till this day), and along with Mummy, they orchestrated the Little Angels.

Within the first few months of receiving our new church building at Hazelbottom Road we began to grow in number. Composed of the 4 founding families including our own we were just over 20 in number (the majority being Congolese with a few Nigerians and Ghanaians). Additionally, the little angels grew to about 10 children, and every Saturday Mummy would show us how to do breathing exercise to improve our voices, as well as actions in songs, and smiling to the audience (although they were mainly chairing!).

Proverbs 23:13 was also applied to our lives at our tender ages, and every time we misbehaved
 during rehearsals we were corrected. The rod of correction taught me to respect my 
elders, to comport myself, and not to get too hyper (as you can tell I received the most canes!).

Although we had the church building, we did not have the funds to do rehearsals, prayer meeting, or watchnight at church, so all these activities were done in our living room, however we still enjoyed church.

By 2009 I remember we had our church laptop and all the songs were typed by Uncle Yaw Stone and the laptop operator was Nana Kyere, but this role transferred to me, and Nana Kyere played the piano instead along with Maame Konama. The role of praises was switched between Uncle Yaw Stone, Nana Kyere, Maame Konama, and I was always promised that I would stand at the front and lead praises (a promise that was fulfilled 9 years later!).

We were joined by Uncle Osei Asebay and Uncle Emmanuel at the same year, and we had Wednesday Bible Studies, rotating from the houses of Uncle Emmanuel, Auntie Esther, and Auntie Nelly thus Acts 2:42 was fulfilled.

Unfortunately, our number began to fall leaving the Donkor Family to run the church by ourselves once again. I remember at this time Mummy and Daddy always told us to pray for our church to grow in number, and over all 100 chairs during worship, anointing each one of them with our hands that they will become full one day, though I always doubted it.

By God’s grace we were able to do activities in the church to invite visitors to encourage the growth of the church. On about 3 occasions we made leaflets on Microsoft Word inviting people to come to the church to watch a movie and have a feast.

To our success, we were able to invite some of our neighbours who initially came for the food but still enjoyed the church! Additionally, during Christmas time, we invited our neighbour Jordan, who also liked the church, but then shied away after he was called, ‘Bible Basher’ by his school mates.

We were still determined to promote the church, so we invited Reverend Opanin Kwadwo Kyere from Ghana for a marriage seminar, as well as Singers Aunty Juliet Antwi and Aunty Serwaa Agyepong (2 singers from London).

For the first time ever, I saw that the church was full which greatly encouraged me, only to realise that they came for the seminar and not to stay; God still blessed us with our first seminar which was in October 2010. Though we were not many, God found favour in our eyes once again, and we were able to host another marriage seminar this time inviting the Scripture Union Leader Reverend Kwame Addu. Again, the church was packed with over 100 people for the seminar, but afterwards it was back to Donkor family.

At times it felt like it was a waste of time recurrently praying over the 100 empty chairs.

Eventually we made hundreds of leaflets, which we distributed to our neighbours as a family throughout Crumpsall, which seemed to me to be a waste of money and papers, as we obtained zero members after this.

One day we drove up Shropshire and God granted us with a drum kit. Although nobody knew how to play, God used my father, Pastor Geoffrey, as our church drummer for some time. Afterwards when Uncle Yaw Stone got married his wife, Auntie Eugenia became the church drummer.

God also blessed us by allowing us to finally use the church for prayer meeting around 2011. I remember on one particular Friday prayer meeting, Auntie Eugenia was playing the drums with all her might whilst it was just our family dancing in the church, and the next day she gave birth at her house whilst me and Maame Yeboah were there. This convinced me that the Lord was truly on our side.

Not long afterwards, we received members from the south upon which the Asamoah Family and the Dacosta’s joined; little did we know that God would allow them to stay faithful to us from 2011 till date. There was also other family like Mamma Larby who frequently joined us and helped us in our growth.

By this time Uncle Yaw Stone’s family moved up to Scotland and we were on our own again.
 At this time, we still did rehearsals at home, and Mummy was still the children’s mother, but her role was soon given to Auntie Adelaide after the Lord blessed us with the use of the Church building for Saturday rehearsals. Whilst we were doing rehearsals at home, Bengali who was evangelised to on the streets came to our house and taught the little angels a song in Swahili (Nani anapenda watoto, Yesu Yesu – Who loves children, Jesus Jesus).

Although we were now doing rehearsals in church, the rod of correction still followed us to keep us on the right path. Prayer tower was invented, and at the close of the year memory verses began starting with Joshua 1:8.

Additionally, I remember when I was 9 and Mummy wanted us to say the poem, ‘Thats my King’ for Easter. Experimenting with each of the kids we soon found that I was able to say the poem; from then on, I recited the same poem every year, and even memorised 2 more which I still recite today, furthermore I have been able to recite poems for this church.

Once again, God blessed us with our first church excursion; after raising some money, we went to Knowsley Safari Park in 2012 both to enjoy ourselves and promote the kingdom.

Additionally, we started our visit the Old People’s homes which were opposite the church; every Christmas from 2012, until we got kicked out by a new vicar for the Church in 2015 (A new king who knew not Joseph, Exodus 1:8). We will visit these people to give them basic needs like towels and coats, as well as food, thus we were witnessing as a way of life.

By 2012 we had more members and God increased our number. Given that we had a lot of children, children’s service was created, and we became separated into the Little Angels and Goodnews choir. We now had enough children to do Christmas and Easter plays, which we still do now. At this time, I was in high school but no matter how persistent I was about joining the Goodnews choir I stayed in the children’s group for 3 more years.

With further fundraising and prayer to the Lord, we were able to raise money for a church bus in 2013; before, God would use some of our members to drive to the south and pick up other members. Other times, the southerners used to commute to church in the back of Uncle Dacosta’s church van, which was dark and had no seats!

Soon our blessed Uncle Ben Makumator became church bus driver, as well as Nat and Uncle Dacosta; this shows the unity between our members at Goodnews. With this church bus, we drove to town to see our first Festival of Praise in 2013. In addition to this, we drove to the 3-day Audacious conference, as well as the 3-day Spree forest camp.

God had already told us at the beginning of the year, that 2015 is a year of taking over, and we took over indeed!

Moving into 2016, I remember that God told us it was a year of revolution; truly it was because this was the year I moved out of the children’s!

We also had our first Youth day, in which we got all the boys to sing for the first time.

2016 was also the year we started the prayer walk, the trip to Wales, and the Family Barbeque Fun Day.

Indeed, this
 year had been a year of revolution. Not to mention, we initially found needles and drugs along the streets whilst we started prayer walk in 2016, but God doing things in His own time enabled us to remove most of them from the streets by 2018.

God being so good we were able to host our first Youth Awakening Conference, along with the Bradford GMC church. In this 3-day conference we invited various speakers and did performances as a form of evangelism in town.

Again in 2018, we hosted our second Youth Awakening Conference which was a great success. Truly it has come with us to stay.

Standing on Romans 8:28, ‘all things work together for good’, and even though the church hasn’t been growing incrementally in members, we have done in Spirit and I believe the Lord has been with us from the beginning.

Indeed, the Lord has brought us far.

God bless you!

Tribute: Makumator family

Tribute: Makumator family

I wasn’t born in Christian home so when I became born again in 1986, I made up my mind that the salvation that I gained will never be compromised.

So everywhere I go I make sure I seek BIBLE BELIEVING CHURCH. A Church built on the FOUNDATION and the SOLID TEACHING of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

We were living in Italy so in June 2013 we visited a sister in Manchester (UK). Every Tuesdays they have bible studies in her house so during our visit, they asked us to join one of their Tuesdays’ bible studies and we agreed. What we learnt during the bible studies was awesome. The discussion was on point and the understanding of the scriptures was great. Everyone could contribute and even the children and it was mind blowing.

On Sunday we went to the church and even though it was small church, you could feel the presence of God. The atmosphere was saturated with the presence of the Holy Spirit and the brotherly LOVE among the members is 
something else. The bible studies and the 
preaching were awesome.

So, when it was time for us to go back to Italy, the pastors and some members took our contact details (Phone numbers) and they were calling us almost every day. We were so amused of this GREAT LOVE.

When we finally decided to come and settle in Manchester my wife asked, “so when we go where do you want us to fellowship” and I said Goodnews Assemblies of God. I knew she asked because her background was Pentecost and that was where we were worshipping when we were in Italy.

Ever since we join the church, we have grown spiritually. We have grown to understand the scriptures more. The Sunday school classes, the monthly memory verses and the preaching’s have help us to seek God more and more. Our kids always love the atmosphere and any time we were busy and could not make it to church or bible studies, they won’t let 
us have peace. You could see that even the kids are not preparing to let the salvation at hand slips away.

There is always joying to be in the HOUSE of THE LORD and that HOUSE is a PLACE OF 
REFUGE, THE GOODNEWS ASSEMBLIES OF GOD. A place where salvation is not 
compromise. A place where you can receive sound teaching and knowledge of God. A place where you 
can experience brotherly LOVE.

God bless you ALL.

The Makumator Family

Tribute by the Asamoah family

Tribute by the Asamoah family

I would like to take this opportunity to thank God and Christ our

I would also like to thank you and congratulate you for your sound obedience and commitment to God’s calling.

The Word of God says: many are called, but few are chosen. There are many explanations to this context, but at this very moment, I understand that responding to 
God’s calling in the manner of obedience and commitment made the whole chapter clear, you are God-sent.

It is completely true that when God calls someone, He gives a vision. The vision Luke 4:18 was the most remarkable one that I had ever heard. Soul winning was the reason for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, his death and his resurrection.

Coming back to my main reason for today:

1) I understand the will of God
2) I understand the love of God
3) I understand the call of God
4) I also understand the vision of his calling.

In my distress, I cried to the Lord and He answered me, and I told him that I cannot take care of my children in this land of Britain, by myself, without Him.

The Lord opened the door for me to see you – the Pastors – and from that day till today, the love of God towards my family and I is still strong.

The reason why we are still here (Goodnews AOG):

1) We have found the inner peace of God.
2) We have found the inner joy of Christ.
3) The Word of God truly read and explained by all the members of Goodnews Assemblies of God family.
4) The Bible Studies and the Sunday School is really awesome!
5) There is a true love of God towards brethren in the Church.
6) Unity among brethren is always exhibited
 at the Church and outside of the Church because of what we study.
7) Our children are growing with the fear and the love of God and understand the purpose of Christ’s death and His resurrection.
8) You are always there for everyone and care even more than caring for yourself.
9) You have helped by advising and explaining to all of us to read the Bible every
day in our lives and our children have been obedient and read the Bible from Genesis 
to Revelation and this is something
 not all churches have been able to 
10) You always put yourselves in someone’s shoes especially when it comes to salvation and the needs of people as a whole.

11) You also care for the souls of people to have salvation and redemption according to the vision given to you by God, the vision Luke 4:18.

12) In terms of one’s needs, you pray to 
support both physically and Spiritually, until the person or people in question are relieved from such situation.

I hope there is more to this, the reason why we are still staying in the Church, but to end this, the Spirit of God is working through the Church.

Thank you very much Pastors, and bravo.

I wish the love from you towards everyone will continue the same, and God-willing this will draw many souls to the Lord Jesus
 Christ and God.

Brother Asamoah and Family

Tribute by the Dadzie family

Tribute by the Dadzie family


We joined Goodnews Assemblies of God church about five years ago.

We needed a church with good doctrines that will help us grow in the Lord and we recognized that Goodnews church was the church to give us just that.

Below are some of the individual experiences that me and my family has encountered.

Has seen a great improvement in her relationship with Christ. She reads the bible more this time and the bible discussions gives her a deeper meaning of the Bible and this makes it easier bearing the Fruit of the Spirit.

She didn’t know that she could make a song until she had the chance to use the memory verse to make songs.


She has been better with keeping up with Bible reading. She is now able to read the Bible from Genesis and now have a better 
understanding of the Bible. She is now getting more confident as she was very shy in speaking in public.

Says he can socialise with people much more and better. His involvement in the things done in the church makes him understand the Bible more and much better. He doesn’t want to miss church for anything.

He understands the bible much better now than before. He can see that he is growing in the Lord with the bible and is not shy to tell his friends about God.

Since I joined Goodnews, God has used the pastors to help me to set up my own business. The leadership is approachable and interested in the affairs of each family. I realised that my spiritual life, i.e. my relationship with God has improved. I now understand the things of God better than I used to.


: Brother Benjamin Osei-Antwi

: Brother Benjamin Osei-Antwi

As we celebrate our decade
 anniversary of our mother church of 
the Good News Assemblies of God, I use this opportunity to bless the name of The Lord God Almighty that has brought His church this far (Matthew 16:18).

I also thank the entire Leadership for their
wonderful and amazing spiritual support availed them by our Lord and Saviour Jesus to be used for us the members of this church.

I joined this church in March 2011, which is 7 years ago following my settlement here in Manchester. I had always the challenge of having sleepless night all my life. When I joined the church, through deliverance and healing services, I came out of this condition without any medical treatment or sedation. To God be the glory.

Then when I turned 37 years, I started having many medical challenges that almost took my life away. Sadly, my greatest worry at that time was because my dad died around this same age. I therefore became very concerned presuming I was going to follow the same trend. Thanks be to The Lord Most High who is all knowing, I discussed this with my Pastor and following her Spiritual leadings, I am now fit and turning 41 this year with no experience of insomnia.

The most enjoying and 
interesting thing about our Sunday services are super wonderful and Spirit filled engaging our spirit revival from the messages God give to us through His servants, whenever we meet as a family of Christ’s.

Aside this, this church has been very supportive at all times concerning anything economic and socially. Our Pastor Kathleen and Pastor Geoffrey have always been available in time of motivation and encouragement for my Spiritual growth.

It is our year of celebration for the glory of God and the beauty of all His blessings among us.

All we say is thanks be to God most High for this far He has brought us in Jesus Mighty Name.


Tribute: Brother Mark Donkor

Tribute: Brother Mark Donkor

I came to Goodnews on the 31 December 2011 on watch night
prayer and the following week I discussed it with Mr Asamoah about how I felt the presence of God in the church, so we decided to join the church.

I was called to be the Church Organizer, so I became a board member and we saw that the church needed instruments and we did a fund raising and bought instruments as the church needs.

The board also decided that we should do a fund raising for the church bus despite 
being three families in the church we were hoping that the Lord will build his church, so it doesn’t matter how many people we have. We did the fund raising and by the grace of God we were able to buy the bus.

Pastors and myself were the only drivers available so I devoted myself to take the responsibility of driving the bus.

The church made me understand that God is not a respecter of persons and that God can use anyone irrespective of your background. I saw in the church that the salvation of people in the church mattered the most to the pastor’s and not their own benefit.

Also, a gate was opened to the church members to help build their talents. English speaking was a problem for most, but I became good as the church enforced rules about English speaking.

There was love and unity among the 
members which was a very good thing to witness. Children were given the opportunity to participate in the church, Bible reading was encouraged.

I had a dream about the church some months after I joined the church that God had established the church and is going to make the church bigger and within that week Kwadwo Antwi and Mr. Asamoah also had a dream and confirmed my dream. This gave me the assurance that yes indeed I was in the right place and, I wanted to be part of those God used to build Goodnews.

The church decided to train members to be able to evangelize. My house was chosen to be one of the grounds. Through this my family earned the name Obedidom family, which has had a great impact on my family.

All this has helped me to decide to stay in
 the church and serve the church for as long as I live.

Tribute by Brother Joseph Nwinyi

Tribute by Brother Joseph Nwinyi

Firstly, I want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to be part of Goodnews family and thank you the Pastors for giving me the chance to say something about my experience in the church.

I started Goodnews with Monica my dear wife and Rosemary, my first born on the 10/03/13. I was impressed the first day I came to the church because I could feel the Spirit of God at work and the enthusiasm of Pastors and some of the brethren.

We started the church on Sunday and on Monday I was going to look for college for Rosemary and Pastor Geoffrey left his job and met us in the college, that time he had known us for only one day. I was so happy about his concern.

One thing that kept me and also keeping me in the church is that the Pastors want everyone to do well both physically and spiritually and also brotherly love in the church.

The church started prayer walk around summer 2015. The reason I’m consistence in the prayer walk is because of the purpose it was established which is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to help propagate the word of God.

It’s about God and not man and I think that is my little contribution towards the kingdom of God business.

Thanks, God bless you.


Tribute Sister Adlaide Gyabaah

Tribute Sister Adlaide Gyabaah


I came to this church on 31st December, for the Night Service.

When I came for the night service, I saw that the power of God was upon the church. So, I decided to join the church.

First week of January, I came for the Sunday morning service. That day, Kwadwo Antwi who was about nine years old at the time, sang and during his ministration I got touched by the song he sang. This is one of the reasons why I stayed in the church. In addition to this, I also saw that God’s hand was upon the Pastors and all their desire was to help people to make it to the kingdom of God.

One thing I learned from them was that, God can use anyone. So, they established a church board, in which I became a Children’s Mother. When they made me a Children’s Mother, within me I thought it was hard because of my inability to speak English on the same rate as the kids. But the Pastors encouraged me all the time to keep up my good work I was doing with the kids.

One day, one of the kids was complaining that he was hungry due the fact we weren’t closing on time. So, I decided to make some pastries for the kids, so that they will be able to eat after church.
This became my ministry in the church making sure that every child will be fed after the church service.

The church also decided to train the members to become effective disciples.
 Weekly Bible Studies was first 
established in my house. Through this my family was given the name Obedidom family because the ark of God was brought to my house. This had a great impact in my family.

To conclude, I’ve made my decision to stay and serve the church for the rest of my life.

Tribute by Sister Helena 
Omono Asamoah

Tribute by Sister Helena 
Omono Asamoah

Thank you, Pastors, 
I have become a living testimony and witness to the growth of Goodnews Assemblies of God church.

I joined the Church with my family on November 2011 at Hazel-bottom Road in Lower Crumpsall Manchester, where the Church worshipped previously.

This happened when we were desperate to find a place to worship. For God being so good, we came to know this lovely family, Pastor Geoffrey and Pastor Kathleen and their children. We became so touched and loved by the way they welcomed us to the Church.

Meanwhile, my husband’s heart was set on a lady Pastor who had come to 
preach about the genealogy of Jesus Christ at where we used to fellowship.

Of a truth, the journey from our place of residence to Hazel-Bottom Road was so far and not so easy to commute to Church. Yet, these lovely Pastors by the help of God took us to the Church every blessed time. We were few people by then, but God gradually increased the numbers of the Church. I became part of the intercessory prayer group with my husband. God has done so many wonders through our meetings as the Prayer Tower.

To God be the glory, many things that we prayed about during our meetings became testimonies:

1)People were delivered by God, through our prayers, from unforeseen, circumstances which caused sleeplessness.

2)Many people got their breakthroughs from immigration issues.

3)Healing took place through our prayers 
for those who, at that time, were sick.

4)The number of people who were coming to church started to increase.

5)Home Bible Study groups have increased from 1 to 4.

6)The youth had a prayer line and that has established them very much.

During our time here, our children became part of the music ministry, instrumentalists and youth group and they also started doing Daily Bible Reading (DBR) cover to cover from Genesis to Revelation.

We have seen so many changes in our Christian lives since we joined the church.


Tribute Sister Ivy 
Antwiwaa Abrefa

Tribute Sister Ivy 
Antwiwaa Abrefa

My Journey in Goodnews Assemblies of God Church started in June 2012, judging from the proof I have (my first memory verse) when I had just come out of an unpleasant experience in my life and had made a decision to go back to God surrendering everything and every bit of my life to Him because I realised I was fighting a lost battle.

Beforehand, I had stopped attending church for almost a year and had never known that I should read the bible daily as a Christian.

I had some life challenges and sometimes felt everything went against me and as if the whole world was on my shoulders.

My Experiences:
After my first visit to the church, I was encouraged by Pastors that God still loves me no matter my circumstances and 
reminded me of God’s promises for those who diligently seek him.

I must state here that besides God, Pastors have been a huge source of inspiration and spiritual growth. After few attendances I realised that this might be the right place of worship for me and decided and prayed that God should give me the grace not to ‘turn back from following after him’.

The vision of the church in Luke 4:18, the various bible study and prayer meetings have impacted positively in my journey as a Christian.

The daily bible reading has helped me to acquire knowledge from the word of God and I am able to apply this in situations when I must resist the schemes of the devil by counteracting with the
word. I am not perfect but 
always striving to live according to the word of God, changing my mindset to live to please God.

The prayer meetings have helped me to learn how to pray more about every situation, knowing that it is the key by committing everything to the Lord in prayer. These experiences have made me strong in the faith.

Experiencing the goodness of God helped me to grow as a Christian and have always said that I am a living testimony and could write a testimony of my life. That is why I cannot stop worshipping, fellow-shipping and would always be at the prayer meetings.

I thank God for such an opportunity to be part of his kingdom and may God bless Pastors (our shepherds), for leading us into righteousness until He comes.


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