Tribute by  The Asamoah Family

I would like to take this opportunity to thank God and Christ our

I would also like to thank you and congratulate you for your sound obedience and commitment to God’s calling.

The Word of God says: many are called, but few are chosen. There are many explanations to this context, but at this very moment, I understand that responding to 
God’s calling in the manner of obedience and commitment made the whole chapter clear, you are God-sent.

It is completely true that when God calls someone, He gives a vision. The vision Luke 4:18 was the most remarkable one that I had ever heard. Soul winning was the reason for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, his death and his resurrection.

Coming back to my main reason for today:

1) I understand the will of God
2) I understand the love of God
3) I understand the call of God
4) I also understand the vision of his calling.

In my distress, I cried to the Lord and He answered me, and I told him that I cannot take care of my children in this land of Britain, by myself, without Him.

The Lord opened the door for me to see you – the Pastors – and from that day till today, the love of God towards my family and I is still strong.

The reason why we are still here (Goodnews AOG):

1) We have found the inner peace of God.
2) We have found the inner joy of Christ.
3) The Word of God truly read and explained by all the members of Goodnews Assemblies of God family.


4) The Bible Studies and the Sunday School is really awesome!
5) There is a true love of God towards brethren in the Church.
6) Unity among brethren is always exhibited
 at the Church and outside of the Church because of what we study.
7) Our children are growing with the fear and the love of God and understand the purpose of Christ’s death and His resurrection.
8) You are always there for everyone and care even more than caring for yourself.
9) You have helped by advising and explaining to all of us to read the Bible every
day in our lives and our children have been obedient and read the Bible from Genesis 
to Revelation and this is something
 not all churches have been able to 

10) You always put yourselves in someone’s shoes especially when it comes to salvation and the needs of people as a whole.

11) You also care for the souls of people to have salvation and redemption according to the vision given to you by God, the vision Luke 4:18.

12) In terms of one’s needs, you pray to 
support both physically and Spiritually, until the person or people in question are relieved from such situation.

I hope there is more to this, the reason why we are still staying in the Church, but to end this, the Spirit of God is working through the Church.

Thank you very much Pastors, and bravo.

I wish the love from you towards everyone will continue the same, and God-willing this will draw many souls to the Lord Jesus
 Christ and God.

Brother Asamoah and Family

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