Tribute: Sister Adlaide Gyabaah


I came to this church on 31st December, for the Night Service.

When I came for the night service, I saw that the power of God was upon the church. So, I decided to join the church.

First week of January, I came for the Sunday morning service. That day, Kwadwo Antwi who was about nine years old at the time, sang and during his ministration I got touched by the song he sang. This is one of the reasons why I stayed in the church. In addition to this, I also saw that God’s hand was upon the Pastors and all their desire was to help people to make it to the kingdom of God.

One thing I learned from them was that, God can use anyone. So, they established a church board, in which I became a Children’s Mother. When they made me a Children’s Mother, within me I thought it was hard because of my inability to speak English on the same rate as the kids. But the Pastors encouraged me all the time to keep up my good work I was doing with the kids.

One day, one of the kids was complaining that he was hungry due the fact we weren’t closing on time. So, I decided to make some pastries for the kids, so that they will be able to eat after church.
This became my ministry in the church making sure that every child will be fed after the church service.

The church also decided to train the members to become effective disciples.
 Weekly Bible Studies was first 
established in my house. Through this my family was given the name Obedidom family because the ark of God was brought to my house. This had a great impact in my family.

To conclude, I’ve made my decision to stay and serve the church for the rest of my life.

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